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Welcome to audiocolore!

Here you are able to hear colors, click a picture of Stintmarkt Luneburg in the margin . Switch on the sound of your computer and explore per mouseclick the sound of the chosen color.
Windows PC users please note two conditions:
1. Please use a browser other than Internet Explorer. (for example, firefox, free)
2. Make sure that mp3 files can be played, may please install the free quicktime (precise instructions), or watch a video preview. - And then:

Explore the cultural diversity of Luneburg! People are living here, who come from over 100 countries. They are naming the colors in their respective native language.
As colorful as the picture are the tones of the languages being an expression of a multifaceted town.

You are in Luneburg and want to add the country you grew up? Look up here, what's missing and send an email.

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